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Dental Tourism Tunisia: Faq

Q: Dental care in Tunisia are not they lower quality when compared to those provided in France?

R: No, Tunisia is at the forefront of knowledge in terms of dentistry. The dental profession is an institution in the country.

Q: Why go abroad for their dental care?

R: You can achieve significant savings for treatments at the cutting edge of technology, and enjoy the idyllic setting of Tunisia, one of the most beautiful country in the world.

Q: How much money can we save?

R: It depends of course on the importance of transactions you make and the prices that you obtained in France. But know that on average prices are 75% lower than those in France. Feel free to ask us for a detailed quote.

Q: Why costs are so low in Tunisia ?

R: You should know that the cost of living is much lower than in Tunisia in the countries of the European Union. For equivalent services, tariffs are therefore much lower than in other countries.

Q: Your dentists speak French?

R: All our dentists speak fluent French, especially since the vast majority of them in France has also.

Q: How long does dental treatment?

R: Each situation is unique, we will communicate the timing of your care on a case by case.

Q: Who else went to Tunisia for dental treatment?

R: Patients come from all over Europe. The French are the main (500 miles / year), followed by the Swiss and English but some patients also come from Canada and the United States.



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