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Our dental clinic and dental laboratory located in the center of Monastir.
Dental care takes place in a calm and quiet. We spend all our time to our patients whose well-being is precious to us .

All treatments are individualized and programmed under the authority of the Director General of the Centre Dental Clinic Avicenne Monastir .

All the materials we use are purchased exclusively from Ivoclar Vivadent world leader in the distribution of medical products for practitioners from Europe and North America. They obviously satisfy the requirements of the ISO quality.
We have invested heavily in advanced technology of our laboratory. The design and manufacture of our crowns and bridges are assisted by computer. It's the most modern technology of dental restoration, using a 3D design software.

We use to manufacture our crowns and bridges of our brand pure ceramic VITA (Germany) of the last generation, and Zirconia YZ. (Germany), CEREC products.
We offer these rings completely without any metal: crown all-ceramic VITA Brand (Germany) Zirconia YZ (Germany) at a great price, great value for money, 190 euros per crown.
The CEREC ceramic has the highest qualities.
They are visually appealing and well tolerated by the body. No irritation or gingival recession appears. These ceramics meet the highest standards in terms of tensile strength and abrasion resistance, aesthetics and implementation.
WARRANTIES : Crowns, bridges: 10 years. Implants: 10 years.

We draw your attention to the material that has caused, no doubt, famous upset in the dental world. Zirconia is the highest that combines aesthetics and the highest biocompatibility. His strength is perfected at the break. A reliable alternative to the problem of allergy, and carcinogenicity bimetallism. Its excellent biocompatibility eliminates any risk of releasing metal ions into the body.
In recent years, research and development in the field of dentistry has made great progress, we want to benefit our patients.

Strict standards of hygiene to give our patients the certainty of being in the right place.
We use techniques and modern materials. The result is summarized as follows: precision, biocompatibility, aesthetics and durability. Our goal is common with that of our patients:
Realizing the dream of a healthy smile .

We specialize in dentures, implants, dental surgery, implantology and cosmetic dentistry.

To replace a missing tooth, wherever possible, an implant is the preferred solution. If the patient is healthy, there is no more risk than an extraction. Our dentists implants perfectly master the techniques of European and American areas. The placement of dental implants has many advantages. Once the implant is placed, it can prevent bone atrophy. Another great advantage of implants is the preservation of healthy teeth. The dentist is not required to remove a healthy part of the enamel of the adjacent tooth as in the case of bridges, for example. In case of an indentation complete, we propose several solutions.

Implant placement is done in one painless procedure under local anesthesia .

In most cases, the procedure is simple and not traumatic.
During the establishment of an implant, the body will consider drilling in the bone as a fracture. During a break, the body heals by filling the fracture with the bone.
That is exactly what will happen in the case of the establishment of an implant, unlike that in drilling the implant is going to get stuck into the bone. This is called osseointegration, a phenomenon of bone healing around titanium implants.
We only use titanium implants.
Titanium is a biocompatible element that does not cause allergic or other unwanted immune reactions. Other advantages of titanium are its great strength and durability, qualities which make it is used also in other fields of medicine

Doctors prepare an individualized treatment program and optimized, again in order to offer you maximum functionality and aesthetics.
With you we develop treatment best suited to make you smile and give you a perfect dental health.
An implementation is always preceded by a detailed medical assessment clinic. If cons-indications (bruxism, poor quality of the jawbone, hemophilia, certain heart diseases, diseases of the liver or kidneys), we know always advise you to mitigate these risks. All potential risks are still excluded, because we offer alternatives satisfying all aesthetic and functional requirements, and always with the aim to offer a maximum aesthetics and functionality.
The CAD / CAM system - (Design and Fabricationacte a tooth with a 3D design software. This system allows for prostheses with an accuracy of 5 microns, without faults.
During manufacture, the crowns are computer-aided) to reproduce, from a scanned fingerprint, the shape Expasa affected by the human hand. The result is healthy, beautiful and natural .

The deadline for completion of the rings is 5 days.
The most important medical and cosmetic dentistry is to proceed with precision. If the doctor does not create an accurate and precise transition between the real and artificial teeth, germs and bacteria can settle and damage the gums and the teeth. Therefore making our crowns, bridges happens in our laboratory using the latest techniques. It is an identical restoration. Hue, shape and contour of each tooth is restored to the image of the tooth of origin, so no difference is noticeable on both the aesthetic and functional terms.
We develop treatment best suited to making your dental health and your smile .



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