Avicenna Dental Center

00216 20 30 20 11 / 00216 98 55 03 61

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Our center is proud to provide you with dental surgeons with several years of experience and excellence in surgery and aesthetic reconstruction of the dentition.

For over 10 years, experience accumulated in cosmetic dentistry and facial enabled us to successfully treat even the most difficult cases of complete tooth loss, asymmetries of the face and the unsightly appearance of the teeth. Implants placed with or without bone grafts in the jaws have to get dentures fixed very close to natural teeth.

Practitioners Dental Center Avicenna consult and intervene alone or with others depending on the complexity of clinical cases, their qualifications are complementary.

This plurality broadens the range of treatment options and enhances the success rate since such collaboration allows each practitioner to not overstep the limits of its own skills and benefit from other team members.


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